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  Royal coat of arms British Pharmacopoeia 2004


Your browser has successfully opened and clicking on the link above will now take you to the British Pharmacopoeia site, provided you have an internet connection active. If not, then open an internet connection before clicking on the link.

Logging in

Once arrived at the site, logging in to the BP2004 requires a username and password, which you will find printed on the inside cover of the BP2004 manual. Unique to you, this will provide free unlimited access for one user to the BP2004 website. If you have a multi-user licence for the BP2004 CD-ROM then multi-user access is correspondingly allowed to the website. When logging in, please note that both username and password fields are case sensitive and contain no spaces.

Other features

In addition to the British Pharmacopoeia, is a site with supporting information which includes:

  • Daily news Users can access news headlines about the pharmaceutical industry and related areas, drawn from over 600 news sources worldwide.
  • Resources Much time can be wasted on the internet, trying to find just the information you want. This section is a navigation tool, through which users can access relevant sites under categories such as Societies, Research Organisations, Journals, Companies, Government and Regulatory, and Meetings and Conferences.

The website will be updated regularly. If there is anything not on the site that you would find useful, please let us know by emailing richard.middleton@tso.co.uk.